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Feb 1st Saturday - special rally day for new members and new horses

Feb 2nd Sunday - Rally Day for all

Feb 16th Sunday - Rally Day incorporating the Mounted Games Wyong Trophy Competition

Mar 1st Sunday - Rally Day for all

Mar 15th Sunday - Rally Day for all

Apr 5th - Rally Day for all

May 17th - Rally Day for all

Jun 7th - Rally Day for all

Jun 21st - Rally Day for all

Aug 16th - Rally Day for all

Sep 6th - Rally Day for all

Sep 20th - Rally Day for all

Oct 18th - Rally Day for all

Nov 1st - Rally Day for all

Nov 29th - Xmas party - horse free event

ZONE EVENTS 2020 - all encouraged to attend and a prerequisite for State attendance

Mar 22nd Zone 23 Formal Gymkhana Showriding - Avondale

May 3rd Zone 23 Showjumping - Arcadia

May 24th Zone 23 Equitation Showjumping - Forest Hills

Aug 2nd Zone 23 Mounted Games Team Sporting -Dural 

Aug 23rd Zone 23 ODE Combined Training - Forest HIlls

Oct 24th and 25th Zone 23 Jamboree Camp -  Dural

Nov 15th Zone 23 Dressage - Arcadia


Jan 24th & 25th State Showriding Showriding - Murwillambah

Jan 26th State Dressage - Murwillambah

Apr 18th State Sporting - TBC

Apr 19th State State Campdrafting - TBC

Apr 20th Team Penning - TBC

Jul 4th & 5th State Showjumping - Bowral

Jul 6th & 7th Jumping Equitation - Bowral

Oct 3rd & 4th State Mounted Games TBC

Oct 5th & 6th Team Sporting - TBC

Oct 8th & 9th ODE - TBC

Oct 10th & 11th Combined training - TBC