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ImageOn the first rally day of each month, members are marked on their attendance and the presentation of rider; tack and horse - Here’s how its all marked.


A mark of 5 points is given for attendance. Marks are reduced if a member is late without prior notification, if you know you are going to be late for rally day; due to sport, family or work; please ring the Club Captain beforehand. That way you will lose no points and make the Captain’s life easier as he will know haw many to expect at the rally day.


A mark of 5 points is given for a well presented horse. Come to Pony Club with your horse in good, clean condition. A thorough grooming regime is required, including mane and tail, bridle paths should be trimmed, hooves should be picked and oiled, shoes should be in good nick.


A well presented, clean and tidy rider gets a full 5 marks. In the first and fourth school terms club polo shirts may be worn, during the second and third terms (winter) brown shirt and white tie must be worn for inspection day. Bone jodhpurs, polished brown elastic sided boots, white hat (ANZ 3838), scrubbed clean and fitted properly are part of the uniform. A FHPC jumper can be worn in the colder weather.

New members will be given a period of grace to purchase items of uniform.


Another 5 point maximum score.
Two aspects of your tack will be inspected.
Cleanliness: All leather gear should be clean and well oiled. Leather should be cleaned with saddle soap and finished with a leather conditioner. Bits should be free of green slag, carrot scraps and other bits of breakfast. Stirrup irons should not be contaminated with mud and bits of grass. Wintec or similar saddles should be cleaned with water. Saddle cloths should be free of horse hairs!


This is very important. Check the stitching on all gear - especially stirrup leathers, girths and bridles, make sure all keepers are in place, use stoppers with martingales. Check to see that stirrup bars are in the open position. In an emergency leathers should pull off the saddle. The stirrups irons need to fit your booted foot, not too tight, not too loose, a finger width each side of your foot is needed. Single buckle girths should have a surcingle as well.

If everything is A OK you are awarded the full 20 marks towards your pointscore for that rally day. This point tally is kept for the year.

Bonus points can sometimes be awarded for example if you are punctual to the gear check line.