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ImageDonated by Dr Mary Newlands in memory of “Cloudy” a little pony that spent 20 years in Pony Club helping more than 15 different children commence their riding careers. This trophy is awarded to a new - usually inexperienced member of any age who has persevered throughout the year and tried their hand at everything Pony Club has to offer.


Most improved junior rider.
This trophy is awarded to that junior rider who in the opinion of all the Insructors has shown an overall improvement in all disciplines of riding.


Most improved senior rider,
This trophy is awarded to that senior rider who in the opinion of all the Instructors has shown an overall improvement in all disciplines of riding.


Donated by Wyong Pony Club many years ago in appreciation to Forest Hills Pony Club for their involvement in interclub competitions and camps. This is awarded to the Club's overall Champion of Sporting.


Donated by the Nield family whose involvement at Forest Hills spans many years. This is awarded to the best all round combination of horse and rider, a member who participates in all disciplines to at least Zone level and who is a regular and active member who displays loyalty and shows pride in representing their Club.



Donated by Blair Nield, a former member of the Club in memory of “Tara”, a lovely pony whose Pony Club career covered 12 years with 5 riders. The trophy is awarded to a junior rider to encourage them to ride in partnership with their pony. This means to assist, not demand, to encourage, not force, and to be aware of each ones limitations. The member is to have achieved proficiency appropriate to their age and has always shown courtesy to other riders and the instructors


Donated by the Criss family in memory of Louise who passed away recently after many years at pony Club, Louise was a difficult little pony but very sweet and well loved by her owner and all other members of the Club. She did a little of everything, sometimes quite well and this trophy is awarded to the best junior allrounder horse and rider who hav a go at all disciplines and competitions.


This trophy is awarded to that member who at the end of the year produces the best full and comprehensive Log Book of their activities both in and out of Pony Club, who has achieved in their age group annual point score and has also gained proficiency certificates to their age.


Awarded to that member who has persevered through difficulties of whatever kind, and makes the best of the situation, who loves Pony Club and all the ideals of that organisation stands for and where the combination has showed much improvement in their equestrian activities throughout the year


ImageDonated by the Mooney family whose four sons have been through Pony Club over the years and who all have excelled and represented the Club at State Mounted Games. This is now awarded to that member who through the year has regularly come to training, improved dramatically throughout the year, helped their fellow “Games” members, and then went on to represent the Club at State.


This is awarded to a member whom the Captain believes shows true sportsmanship in all endeavours and disciplines without necessarily being a winner


Aprestigious award presented to the member whom the President feels is a good example of what a Forest Hills member should be, friendly, helpful, mindful of others, particularly the younger members. They are usually the first to volunteer if a job needs to be done, someone who is proud to have a go, is proud of their Club and a member of whom the President is proud.


Donated by the family of Trudy Adams who was a member of the Club, who went missing many years ago. Member of Forest Hills Pony Club spent many days combing the tracks and trails of the district helping in the search for Trudy, A prestigious award presented to a member who best displays and upholds the true spirit of the Pony Club movement, not only in their riding ability and achievements, but also in their relationships with other members, the instructors and committee members and total involvement in Club activities at all levels.


Donated by the Mooney family. This cup ius awarded to the rider of a horse that excels at Mounted Games, at Club, Zone and State level and who has experienced different riders over a period. Rocky himself carried 3 Mooney boys and 3 other riders over a period of 14 years to 14 State Mounted Games as well as being used for National and International competitions.


Donated by the Temm family in memory of their wife and mother.This is awarded to a team player who shows consideration to other riders, praises others in their achievements, always pleasant and cheerful, and with a sunny personality. A regular attendee at Pony Club and upholds the Pony Club ideals.