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ImageEach Pony Club in NSW has a different uniform. This gives each club a different identity at events where there is more than one club competing. Each Zone also has a distinct uniform and is worn by members representing their zone at State Championships. (Should you be selected for a State Championship, you will need to purchase or hire a Zone uniform.)

Forest Hills Pony Clubs uniform consists of:

  • Fawn jodhpurs (not white or yellow)
  • Long-sleeved brown shirt
  • White tie
  • Brown V-neck jumper
  • Short elastic-sided brown leather boots
  • Australian Standards Association ASNZS3838 approved helmet- COMPULSORY
  • Saddle-blanket - brown with white trim and Forest Hills Logo
  • Brown polo shirt with white Forest Hills logo

The Uniform Shop is open each Rally Day for half hour before gear check and closes at the commencement of troop drill.  Winter- 9am-10am,  Summer- 8:00am - 9:00am

The long sleeved shirt, brown V-necked jumper, polo shirt, tie and saddle blanket are available from the Clothing Shop. There is also a fleecy Forest Hills jumper available at the Clothing Shop which may be worn in winter at Rally Days. A range of secondhand items are also available for sale (donations always welcome).

Your jodhpurs, boots and helmets can be purchased from any saddlery such as those in Terrey Hills.

The Pony Club uniform has been designed with the aim of eliminating the situations where members try to out do each other with the equipment they have. It is for this reason that numnahs (shaped saddle-blankets), hacking jackets and long boots for riders under 17 years are not allowed.

Please note that the full uniform, including boots and hat, are compulsory at all Pony Club competitions and Rally Days. Points will be deducted in the Club pointscore for riders not in correct uniform. During summer, the polo shirt may be worn at rally Days instead of the shirt and tie and jumper. In winter, riders are allowed to wear the Forest Hills fleecy jumper, instead of the brown V-necked jumper, at non point score Rally Days (second Rally Day of each month).

The Pony Club Association of NSW and the Zone Committee have also determined other regulations for uniforms.
For more information, refer to PCA NSW website - (click here )